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Crush Haraki:Gladitor Warrior by Steel-The-Cat-Hog Crush Haraki:Gladitor Warrior by Steel-The-Cat-Hog
This Is Crush, One Of The Villains From Halo And P.k.

Character Image (if available): (Above)

Name: Crush Haraki

Nicknames: Crush, C', Gladiator

Age: 34

Species: Metrodian (Clearasian East Sea Octopus)

Gender: Male

Height: 6.7ft

Weight: 348lbs (157Kg)

IQ: 150

Marital Status: In A Relationship

DOB: 11th August

Birth Place: Clearasia, Flichdos East Side

Residence: Metrodis, Nexus Palace

Occupation: Gladiator Warrior, Guardian Of Metrodis(Queen)

Social Class: Upper Class

Economic Class: Rich

Alignment: Netural

Top Speed: Unknown (Around About The Same Speed As A Human)

Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 55)
Agility - 2
Speed - 1
Strength - 10
Defense - 10
Evasiveness - 3
Dexterity - 1
Intelligence - 7
Skill - 10

Special Attacks: Sheild Blast - Thanks To Metrodian Technology, The Octopus Kind Had Developed Their Own Sheilds Using Psychic Powers. The Same Kind As Telekenisis. With More Development And Tutoring, The Metrodians May Be Able To Gain Telekenisis.

Abilities & Aptitude: Crush Has Gills That Can Seal When Needed, Enabeling Him To Breathe In Land Or Water, Though Because He Hasen't Used Them In A Long Time It Takes Him A While To Adjust

Crush's Strengh, Weight And Size Also Comes At An Advantage In Fighting. After All His Hand Could Easily Wrap Around A Clearasian Or Mobians Chest And Crush It Compleatly, A Move He Likes To Use To Kill His Victims Quickly. His Weight Has Also Enabled Him To Be A Skilled Wresler If Needed. Even The Smallest Body Slam Is Capable Of Flattening An Opponent.

Hobbies & Talents: Able To Lift Up To 1000lbs (453Kg)

Weaknesses: Crush's Emotions Can Often Leave Him Standing To Think, Leaving Him Vunrable

Personal facts
Friends: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: Clearasians
Known relatives: N/A
Likes/Favorite activities: N/A
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: N/A
Gourmet of choice: Mucian Carp (Metrodian Meal)
Beverages of choice: Alkina (Cocktail Of Certain Metrodian Drinks)
Favorite color(s): N/A
Personality: Crush Is Very Defencive When His Friends Or Loved Ones Are In Danger, Willing To Put His Life On The Line For Others When Needed, Though Despite His Confindence In Fighting When It Comes To A Relationship Crush Is Very Shy, Quiet About His Feelings, Especially When A Relationship Gets Physical He Can Be Very Shy About Showing His Body To Anyone Besides Himself.

Physical Appearance
Color: Orange, Green
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Orange, Green
Eye Color: Grey
Hair/Quill Style: Tentacles, Droop Over His Mouth To Hide It
Nose: None
Ears: None
Tail: None
Other bodily features: None

Attire: (What? XD)

Items & Weapons: Gems (Healing, Emotions, Venom, Antivenom, Fire, Water)

Vehicles: None

Themesong: None

Back Story: Crush Haraki Was Born Thirty Four Years Ago In The Easteren Seas Of Clearasia. Being An Only Child Crush Was Very Lonely, Even At His School He Was Bigger Then The Others, And Was Called Overweight Often. Little Did Those Others Know That Muscle Weighed More Then Fat. He First Beheld His Own Strengh When he Managed To Throw Three Other Childern Across The Room, With One Hand. Though Because Of This He Was Singled Out More.

In His Teenage Years He Had Moved To Planet Metrodis, Like Most Of Their Race Had. He Trained In The Army At The Age Of 14 (Because Of His Size People Thought He Was Much Older). He Soon Lead His Own Troops And Became A Commander After Two Years On The Course.

At 25 He Met The Queen Metrodis, She Only Being Two Years Younger Then Him (For Those Who Are Thick Thats 23) He Soon Became Her Guardian And Most Trusted Friend, Until It Became Much More. A Few Years Later He Proposed, And Of Course, She Said Yes.

However In His Many Years Of Knowing His Furture Wife Their Relationship Had Never Exceled, All She Seemed To Worry About Was Domination Clearasia. Getting Revenge. And When Crush Asked Her If She Wanted A Family The Reply Was Always 'When We Have That Planet, We Can Let Them Use It As Their Playground' Or Something Upon Those Lines. In No Mood To Argue With The Queen He Simply Nodded And Moved On.

As The War Excelled Crush Became Nothing More Then A Guardian Of His Tower. He Did Nothing More, Except Wait For His Dream Of Becoming A Father To Come True.
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HopeTheBat Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2008
FRIGGIN AESOME! Loves It Steeeeeeeel! <3

GraceTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2008  Student Digital Artist
DOB Is Date Of Birth!
Steel-The-Cat-Hog Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2008
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Blaze-Fiery-Kitty Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
Mystique- MWA HA HA!! Mine! X3 *Glomps*
Steel-The-Cat-Hog Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2008
Crush- *Glomps Back With 348lbs Of Power* >=3 :XD:
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